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Trusted LLMs for Christian software

Train and deploy LLMs aligned with your organization's Biblical doctrine.


Use an Existing Model

Get started building today with an off the shelf model from trusted Christian organizations.

How to use the package:

Install it:

Completions API:

For more information on how to run ChristianGPT model completions on your own server, visit our GitHub GitHub and HuggingFace pages



Generate Training Data

Generate training data specific to your organization's biblical doctrine. Upload text content such as Articles of Faith or other literature and provide your YouTube channel to incorporate your sermon videos. We will automatically generate a training data CSV file that you can review and edit before training your model.


Train your Model

Save the file generated in Step 2 on your computer, and run the following script with the path to that file.


For more information on how to run fine-tuning on your own server, visit our GitHub GitHub and HuggingFace pages



Contribute back denomination or organization specific datasets and models to benefit the Christian AI community!

serverless hosting coming soon!

Need help with hosting?

We're working on a serverless fine-tuning and hosting platform for ChristianGPT. Sign up now to join our waitlist!

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